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Devon Electric Heating

Based in North Devon we offer a design, supply and fitting service for electrical heating systems.

Single radiators to full installations we can help you.

Devon Electrical Heating

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please click on the questions below to find answers to our “frequently asked questions” If your question is not here please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Do I need to change my meter or electricity provider and how much will this cost?

If you are not a customer of Scottish & Southern Energy and wish to change to the Economy 10 Tariff, you will be required to change provider and have the new Economy 10 meter installed. There is no cost associated with this.

Are your Electric Radiators storage heaters?

No. Our Electric Radiators are direct acting electric radiators however due to the internal construction they do have the benefit of partial storage. The advantage of Devon Heating Companies direct acting electric radiators is that you have the opportunity to operate the heating system to suit your lifestyle..

How much will it cost to run?

Although there is no definitive answer to this question (as all users have different lifestyles, have different comfort temperatures and may be on different electricity tariffs), The Electric Heating Company commissioned an independent company to perform a six month survey to monitor energy consumption, product performance and running costs for 8 properties in the central Scotland here for Results

What is the difference between Devon Electric Heatings systems, electric thermal store systems and storage heating systems?

Devon Electrical heating systems are classed as “Direct Acting Heating Systems” meaning that they are fully controllable, flexible and produce heat on demand i.e. the same as gas central heating systems. There is no need to pre-heat storage stones or cylinders of hot water to generate heat ultimately saving energy and cost.

What is the best electricity tariff for my heating system?

Devon ElectricHeating recommend the Economy 10 electricity tariff offered by Scottish & Southern Energy. This tariff offers 10 hours of Off Peak electricity for whole house electricity usage each day. .